Public Works

  1. Administration

    Public Works Administration provides direction and oversight of the operating units, public relations (service requests), budget preparation, files maintenance, program coordination and control, personnel management and fiscal management.

  2. Central Garage

    The Central Garage maintenance facility performs preventive maintenance on the Village's and the Board of Education's vehicle fleet, including school busses, repairs, rehabilitation, fuel dispensing, and other activities vital to maintenance of Village equipment.

  3. Engineering

    The Engineering Division of Public Works is responsible for construction management, project development, project design, pavement management, and much more.

  4. Facilities

    Custodial Maintenance, Facility Repairs, Facility Improvements, Equipment Maintenance, Facility Maintenance, Sanitary & Storm Sewer Repairs, Bluestone sidewalk maintenance & repairs, In-house construction projects

  5. Highway

    The highway department provides street maintenance, snow removal, street lighting, traffic signals, sanitary and storm sewers, street cleaning, leaf collection, and shade tree maintenance.

  6. Sanitation

    The Village of Scarsdale Sanitation Department is responsible for the removal of solid waste and recyclable materials from residential locations within the Village of Scarsdale.

  7. Water

    The Village of Scarsdale receives all of its water from the New York City Water Supply System.

  8. Fall Leaf Collection