Boards, Councils & Committees


Decision-Making Boards, Councils & Committees independently review applications and submissions and may be responsible for approval or rejection, or imposing appropriate conditions.

Board, Council, or CommitteeVolunteer to ServeMeeting
Board of Architectural ReviewLearn MoreMonday2 to 3 hoursTwo per month
Cable CommissionLearn MoreVaries1 to 1.5 hoursOne per month
Committee for Historic PreservationLearn MoreTuesday1 hourOne per month
Library BoardLearn More
Monday2 hoursOne per month
Planning BoardLearn More4th Wednesday1 to 2.5 hoursOne per month
Town Board of Assessment ReviewLearn MoreVariesVariesSee "Learn More"
Zoning Board of AppealsLearn More2nd Wednesday2 to 3 hoursOne per month


Advisory Boards, Councils & Committees work on topics referred to them by the Board of Trustees and offer expert advice to aid in decision making.

Board, Council, or ComitteeVolunteer to ServeMeeting
Meeting Frequency
Advisory Council for People with DisabilitiesLearn MoreMondayVariesOnce a month
Advisory Council on CommunicationsLearn More
Varies2 hoursOne per month
Advisory Council on Human RelationsLearn More
Varies2 hoursQuarterly
Advisory Council on Parks and RecreationLearn More
Varies2 hoursOne per month
Advisory Council on Senior CitizensLearn More
Varies2 hoursOne per month
Advisory Council on TechnologyLearn More
Varies1 to 2 hoursQuarterly; monthly, as needed
Advisory Council on YouthLearn More
Varies1.5 hoursThree to four meetings per year
Board of EthicsLearn More
VariesVariesOne annual reorganization meeting; otherwise as convened
Conservation Advisory CouncilLearn MoreVaries2 hoursOne per month


Ad-hoc committees are advisory groups comprised of subject matter experts and other interested residents that the Village Board formally invites by way of resolution to engage in research and discussion focused on producing written recommendations for the Village Board surrounding a particular community interest.

Such committees generally receive a time-bound charge with specified deliverables; their work is important in helping to shape regulations and to inform new program development. Unlike standing volunteer boards, councils, and committees, an ad-hoc committee is automatically disbanded upon completion of its charge, or once the committee’s specified expiration date has passed without Village Board extension.

Ad-Hoc CommitteeVolunteer to ServeMeeting
Ad-Hoc Committee on Food Scrap RecyclingNot ApplicableVariesVariesAs needed
Ad-Hoc Committee on LED StreetlightsNot ApplicableVariesVariesAs needed