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Public Works

Phone: (914) 722-1150

Fax: (914) 722-1103

Email: publicworks@scarsdale.com - EMAIL TO REPORT NON-EMERGENCY ISSUES AND SERVICE REQUESTS (e.g. POTHOLES, STREET LIGHT OUTAGES, VILLAGE TREES TO BE INSPECTED, VISUAL OBSTRUCTIONS, ETC.) - Be sure to describe the problem/service request in detail and specific location.

Benedict Salanitro, PE Superintendent of Public Works

Matse Jenkins Department of Public Works

Tyler Seifert Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of the Village's infrastructure. This includes pavements, curbs, sidewalks, street lighting, sanitary sewers, storm drains, and shade tree maintenance. It also provides services such as garbage and trash collection, fall leaf collection and snow & ice control. To accomplish this work the Department of Public works is organized into five operating divisions. These are: Administration, Sanitation, Engineering, Highway and Facilities Maintenance. The Department also supervises the activities of the Central Garage and it's inter municipal agreement with the BOE,for the maintenance of school buses and rolling fleet, and provides administrative services to the Water Department and the Building Department.

Following is a list of programs and functions being implemented by the various divisions of the public works department:


  • Public Works Administration
    • Public Relations (service requests)
    • Budget Preparation
    • Files Maintenance
    • Program Coordination and Control
    • Personnel Management (internal)
    • Fiscal Management (internal)
  • Sanitation
    • Garbage collection
    • Mixed recyclable collection
    • Bulk waste collection
    • Newspaper collection
    • Yard organics collection
    • Equipment maintenance (internal)
    • Facility maintenance (internal)
    • Personnel management (internal)
    • Fiscal management (internal)
  • Engineering
    • Construction management
    • Project Development
    • Project Design (consultant & in-house)
    • Pavement management
    • Curb & Sidewalk management
    • Sanitary & Sewer system rehabilitation
    • Capital Improvements
    • Street Opening Permits
    • Site Plan & Subdivision review
    • Community rating system - FEMA
    • Flood plain management
  • Highways
    • Street maintenance
    • Snow removal
      • De-Icing
      • Snow plowing
      • Walkway plowing
      • CBD cleanup
      • Parking lot plowing
    • Street lighting O&M
    • Traffic Signal O&M
    • Other Activities
      • Personnel administration
      • Equipment maintenance
      • Facility maintenance
      • Fiscal management
    • Sanitary Sewers O&M
    • Storm Sewers O&M
    • St Cleaning/Leaf collection
      • Street sweeping
      • Fall leaf collection
      • Leaf disposal
    • Shade tree maintenance
      • Tree Removal & Tree Pruning
      • Stump Removal
      • Arborist Evaluations
  • Facilities
    • Custodial maintenance
    • Facility repairs
    • Facility improvements (capital)
    • Equipment maintenance (internal)
    • Facility maintenance (internal)
    • Sanitary & Storm Sewer repairs
    • Bluestone sidewalk maintenance & repairs
    • In-house construciton projects
  • Central Garage
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Equipment repair
    • Equipment rehabilitation
    • Fuel dispensing
    • Facility maintenance (internal)
    • Equipment maintenance (internal)
    • Personnel management (internal)
    • Fiscal management (internal)
    • Equipment Acquisition & Disposition (capital& operation)
    • IMA with BOE
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