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Discover the Benefits of Leaf Mulching

On-site leaf mulching results in environmental and economic benefits!

  • Significant reduction in the costs to the Village for fall leaf collection and disposal.
  • Reduction of localized flood risk resulting from clogged storm drains, as well as diminishment of the cost to the Village to clear clogged storm drains.
  • Reduction of the traffic hazard caused by piles of leaves in roadway.
  • Reduced phosphate runoff into our waterbodies.
  • Improved quality and health of turf, as on-site mulching improves the capacity of soil to absorb water and germinate seed.
  • Improved resiliency of turf and plantings.
  • Virtually free, high-quality, nutrient-rich and attractive mulch for lawns, gardens and planting areas. 
  • Reduced noise and air pollution from leaf blowers.

Leaf Mulching Video
Leaf Management

The Village of Scarsdale's Annual Fall Leaf Collection Program in which leaves from residential properties are placed in piles at the curb line and collected with leaf vacum trucks by Village public works crews is costly with a total of $742,125 budgeted in the Fiscal Year 2011/2012 Adopted Budget. 

Often due to wind, rain or improper placement these leaf piles end up in the street narrowing vehicular travel lanes resulting in traffic safety concerns. These leaves are also prone to blocking stormwater access to catch basins resulting in localized street flooding and phosphate runoff into our waterways.

Fortunately, there is an alternative leaf management practive, on-site leaf mulching! On-site leaf mulching involves shredding leaves where they are and utlizing the shredded leaves as a winter mulch and/or compost for the lawn.  

What is Leaf Mulching?

Leaf mulching is the practice of chopping leaves into small pieces. Mulched leaves can be left on your lawn, as they fall between the grass blades and disappear, or piled 3" or 4" deep on garden beds and around shrubs where they act as a protectice layer in the winter and, in the growing season, prevent weed growth and help conserve water. Leaf mulch decomposes over time, and adds important nutrients and structure to the soil.


Leaf Mulching In Action
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