Village Treasurer

The Village Treasurer serves as chief fiscal officer of the Village, collector of taxes for the town, and administrator of all matters relating to finance, including the Village budget. The Village Treasurer handles the investment of Village funds, as well as the periodic issuance of debt (bonds and notes). The Village of Scarsdale is rated AAA by Moody's.

The Village Treasurer's office is responsible for the billing and collection of all real property taxes, water and central alarm system charges, and recording the collection of all other revenues (i.e. parking fees, recreation fees, and permits). The Village Treasurer's office also processes payroll for Village employees and pays all bills to vendors for purchased goods and services.

Financial Statement Audits

In addition to periodic audits by the New York State Department of Audit and Control, the financial statements of the Village and Town are audited annually by PKF O'Connor Davies LLP. Copies of these statements are available upon request.

Real Property Taxes

Tax Type
Year Lien Date
Due By
    First Installment
    Second Installment
July 1
August 1
   August 1
   December 31
School District
    First Installment
    Second Installment
2023/2024 September 1
September 30
   September 30
   January 31
County 2023 April 1
April 30
Sewer B** 2023 April 1 April 30 $0.553894
Sewer H** 2023 April 1
April 30
Sewer M** 2023 April 1 April 30 $0.673586
Refuse District
2023 April 1
April 30

* Rates are per $1,000 of assessed value. The average assessed value of a single family home in Scarsdale is $1,515,000
** (B) = Bronx Valley Sanitary Sewer District; (H) = Hutchinson; (M) = Mamaroneck.

Tax Due Date and Penalty Schedule

County Tax Date Billed: April 1st
Due Date: April 30th 
April No Penalty
May 2%
June - July 5%
August - September 7%
October - December 10%
Thereafter, Until Lien Sale 12%
Village Tax Date Billed: July 1st
Due Date: August 1st (1st Installment)
Due Date: December 31st (2nd Installment)
July - August 1st No Penalty
August 2nd - 31st 2%
September 3%
October 4%
November 5%
December 6%
January 7%
February 8%
March 9%
April 10%
Thereafter, Until Lien Sale 11%

School Tax Date Billed: September 1st
Due Date: September 30th (1st Installment)
Due Date: January 31st (2nd Installment)
September No Penalty
October 2%
November 5%
December - January 7%
February - March 10%
Thereafter, Until Lien Sale 12%