Village Court

The Village Justice Court provides a forum through which citizens may seek redress while offering fair treatment to all individuals who come into the judicial process. The Court at all times conducts itself in a professional and courteous manner. The Village Court has jurisdiction over crimes committed within Scarsdale – partial jurisdiction for felonies and complete jurisdiction over misdemeanors, traffic, parking and Village Code Violations. The Court also has jurisdiction over civil actions (including small claims) up to $3,000, or to $5,000 when transferred from County or Supreme Court, and all Summary Proceedings (landlord-tenant actions) without limit. When non-English speaking litigants come into the Village Court, certified Court interpreters are supplied. During the year the Court used Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese translators as well as a signer. In fiscal year 2014-2015, the Court collected fines and fees totaling $1,080,878: $558,260 from parking fines, $23,395 from Village Code violations and $524,059 from criminal and VTL fines. Under New York State Finance Law §99a, $809,910 was returned to the Village by the State Comptroller’s office, $17,023 went to Westchester County and the state kept the balance. The Court handled 1,239 criminal cases of which 241 were felonies, 24 civil and small claims cases and 2,121 trials. There was one (1) bench trial during the year.