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Duties & Responsibilities

The Building Department, along with the Engineering, Planning, Zoning and Assessment Departments, coordinates community development.  All applications pertaining to land use in the Village are submitted to the Building Department and forwarded to the appropriate Land Use Board or Committee, i.e. Board of Architectural Review, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board or Committee on Historic Preservation, for consideration. The Building Department reviews plans for conformance with applicable provisions of the Village Code and the 2016 Uniform Code Supplement New York State Building Standards and Codes and 2015 ICC Codes.  The Building Department issues various building permits for new construction, alterations, additions and renovations, as well as Certificates of Occupancy for these permits. The Building Department also issues plumbing, electrical, gas and oil heating system permits as mandated by the State of New York.  The Building Department provides staff support to the Board of Architectural Review, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Committee on Historic Preservation. 

New Fees

Effective June 1, 2016 all Electrical Permit fees will increase to $75, and Plumbing Permit fees will increase to $100 for first 4 fixtures and $15 for each fixture over 4.

Demolition Applications

Please be advised that applications to the Committee for Historical Preservation (for demolition) are now required to be submitted on the 15th day of the previous month.

Forms & Applications