The Building Department, along with the Engineering, Planning, Zoning and Assessment Departments, coordinates community development. All applications pertaining to land use in the Village are first submitted to the Building Department for review. Village staff determine each application’s conformity with the applicable provisions of the Village Code, the current Uniform Code Supplement New York State Building Standards and Codes, as well as International Code Council (ICC) standards relating to energy use. Once approved, they are forwarded to the appropriate Land Use Board for further consideration:

Once a project is approved, the Building Department issues necessary permits for new construction, alterations, additions, and renovations, as well as grants Certificates of Occupancy. The Department also issues plumbing, electrical, and mechanical heating permits as mandated by the State of New York.


All projects requiring Storm Water Permits along with BAR approval, must FIRST APPLY to the Engineering Dept. SUBMIT THE APPROVAL EMAIL FROM ENGINEERING ALONG WITH THE BAR APPLICATION AND FULL-SIZED PLANS. It is the applicant's responsibility to keep track of their approval email, not the Building Dept. SWEC Memo

Permit Applications and Requirements

Our Permit application links are available online, as well as standard operating protocols and requirements for application submission.

Order of Inspections

From pre-construction through the final inspection, these are the list of inspections most building permits require.  Depending on the permit, other inspections may be necessary.  Stamped approved plans must always be on site.  Do not start work without it.

Other Requirements

Important Building Forms