2023 Water Main Flushing Starting May 01

**Below schedule updated as of May 10, 2023**

The Water Department will conduct water main flushing beginning Monday, May 01, and will continue until all pipes in the system have been systematically flushed. Water main flushing prevents discoloration of water during the heavy demand periods of the summer months. 

Slight discoloration may occur during the flushing period, but will settle out in a short time. Though the water is safe for consumption, it may stain clothes if washed in it. Residents should anticipate discolored water during the day and early evening. Surrounding areas may also experience some discoloration.

The neighborhood flushing schedule is as follows: 

    Week of May 01 – 05: Greenacres (West of Post Road), Post Road, Fox Meadow, Old Scarsdale, Overhill, Berkeley in Scarsdale, Bramlee Heights, and Arthur Manor neighborhoods.

    Week of May 08 – 12: Greenacres (East of Post Road) Drake Edgewood, Sherbrooke Park, Heathcote, Murray Hill Middle Heathcote, and part of West Quaker Ridge neighborhoods.

    Week of May 15 – 19: East Heathcote, Secor Farms, Remainder of West Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale Meadows, Quaker Ridge, and Colonial Acres neighborhoods. 

Weekly schedule updates will be available on the Water Department webpage. Please also note that the schedule may be adjusted or extended, particularly in response to weather conditions. If you have any questions, please contact the Water Department at 914.722.1138.

2022 Annual Water Quality Report

**Important Water Rate Change Announcement**

During the 2023 budget process, the Scarsdale Village Board of Trustees approved an increase to the water usage rates for all accounts. These rates take effect beginning with the June 1, 2023 water billing.

More information can be found by clicking here.

The Village of Scarsdale receives all of its water from the New York City Water Supply System. The Village has a direct connection to New York City's Catskill Aqueduct and a connection, with others, to the Kensico Reservoir and Delaware Aqueduct. The Village owns and services 100 miles of water mains and services approximately 5,600 accounts.

All of the water delivered is chlorinated to assure that the water remains bacteria free. Fluoride is also added for public health measures. In addition, pH is adjusted and orthophosphate is added for corrosion control treatment.

The Water Department's three divisions are Administration, Pumping and Distribution.

consists of all functions relating to business management, including capital project planning and implementation, billing/collection and customer services, as well as repairing, installing and servicing water meters. 

Pumping consists of all functions relating to pumping station operations, along with the purchase oand purification of water. 

Distribution consists of all functions an infrastructure relating to the transmission of water and the reading of water meters.

Daily Tests

Monitoring of the water quality is conducted every day. Daily tests are conducted by water department personnel. Other required monitoring tests are conducted by New York State Certified Laboratories.

Water Service Line Insurance Mailing

It has come to our attention that a mailing was sent to Scarsdale Residents regarding insurance for household water service lines. This company has no relationship with the Village and the Village is not involved in any manner with this solicitation. Also please note that the Village is responsible for repair of the service line from the street (water main) connection to the curb stop (shut off valve) near the curb, the homeowner is only responsible for a leak between the curb stop and the house.

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