Water Rates

The Village purchases water from New York City utilizing roughly half of our budgeted expenditures for this purpose. The balance of expenditures fund the operation and maintenance of the water pumping and distribution system.

New York City charges the Village separate base and excess water rates based on consumption. They utilize a per-capita water use threshold to establish the base rate based on the per-capita usage in New York City. When Village wide water consumption exceeds New York City's aggregate per capita usage threshold, they charge the Village at the excess rate which is approximately 3 times the base rate.

As a suburban, single family residential community of large homes and properties requiring irrigation, Scarsdale's per capita water use is substantially higher than New York City's. As such the Village pays for a considerable amount of water at the excess rate. Scarsdale's water rates are established and adjusted periodically to reflect the New York City rates while maintaining fairness and equity relative to other Westchester municipal water utilities.

Quarterly Bills

Water meters are read and billed quarterly, except for large water users which are billed monthly. Quarterly bills are mailed to users on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 of each year and are due no later than the end of each of those months.

High Water Bill

A large percentage of the high water bill complaints we receive are due to lawn sprinkler systems. Broken sprinkler heads (as seen above), underground leaks in the system, or overly long clock settings can result in large quantities of water being wasted and subsequent high bills. Don't set it and forget it, be sure to check your sprinkler settings and operation regularly.
Sprinkler Leak

Present Water Rates

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