Board of Trustees

The Mayor and Board of Trustees are the Village of Scarsdale's governing body, elected by residents to serve the community in that capacity on a volunteer basis. Scarsdale’s Board of Trustees has served the community since 1915. Trustees are elected "at-large" and serve two-year terms. The Mayor is also directly elected by Scarsdale residents and serves a two-year term. The Mayor appoints a Village Trustee to serve as Deputy Mayor for a period coinciding with the Mayor's term. 

The Mayor presides over meetings of the Village Board. Together, the Mayor and Board of Trustees are the legislative body and the community's policy makers. They perform such duties as reviewing and approving the annual budget as prepared by committees and the village staff; reviewing and adopting local laws and regulations as suggested by the residents, committees, and village staff; authorizing significant projects and associated contracts; and more.

Residents and other members of the community are strongly encouraged to participate in community meetings to help shape the important decisions made by the Village Board. Residents can attend meetings at Scarsdale Village Hall (unless posted to meet elsewhere) or can view a live stream on local cable TV. (Channel 75 for Cablevision and Channel 43 for Verizon FIOS).

View the most recent agendas, minutes, and videos from past meetings, and view the government calendar to learn about upcoming meetings.

Consistent with the Village Board's new Rules of Procedure, written communications received from the public will be delivered to the Village Board with their Regular Meeting agenda materials. Any member of the public who wishes to have a physical copy of their written communication delivered to the entire Village Board prior to a meeting must deliver said communication to the Village Manager’s office by Noon the Wednesday before a meeting. Alternatively, written communications may also be transmitted via-email may be sent to Written correspondence will neither be posted to the Village website nor attached to the public Agenda.

Can’t make it to a meeting and want to correspond with an individual member of our Board? Reach out to any of the trustees via email (note that written correspondence intedned for the full Board should be directed to