The Senior Citizen’s Exemption - RPTL 467

For property owner(s) minimum age 65 by May 1 whose gross income from all sources is less than $37,399.99, may be eligible for benefits on a sliding scale basis under this program. Applicants approved on the June 1 will receive these exemption benefits with taxes billed in April of the next year.   Unfortunately, the calculation of income does not allow for the deduction of medical expenses from gross income.

Proof of income along with the submission of an application must be received each year by the May 1 filing deadline. It is very important to note here that this exemption must be renewed each year.

For RP-467 Senior Citizen Exemption Form:

RP-467 Senior Citizen Exemption Instructions:

RP-467 Senior Citizen Exemption Renewal Form:

RP-467 Senior Citizen Exemption Affidavit  of Continued Eligibility Form: