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Scarsdale Recreation – 2021 Summer Day Camp Update (November 20, 2020)


The Scarsdale Recreation Department is planning to host a 2021 Summer Day Camp season. Our goal is to create a safe, caring and fun environment for everyone. Although we are optimistic, however the possibility of hosting a 2021 Day Camp season is still to be determined based on numerous factors that may come into play next summer including:

  • COVID-19 pandemic status.
  • CDC official guidance on camps.
  • NY State official guidance on camps.
  • Westchester County Board of Health official guidance on camps.
  • Scarsdale District facilities availability and requirements.
  • Day Camp transportation options guidance.


The 2021 Summer Day Camp season is anticipated to be conducted from: July 6 (Tuesday) to August 6 (Friday).    


All of our camps are managed by school teachers, administrators who bring experience, expertise and enthusiasm. The outstanding efforts of our day camp staff strive to attain the goal of giving the children of Scarsdale the very best recreational program possible. Each camp will have a Camp Director responsible for its schedule and activities. They are dedicated to helping their counselors and specialists, most of whom are Scarsdale High School students and graduates who provide an exciting, rewarding and safe summer for all campers. To help us better meet the needs of all campers, a separate camp has been established as follows:

  • Camp Sagamore - Kindergarten
  • Camp Lenape – 1st Grade
  • Camp Wapetuck – 2nd Grade
  • Camp Patthunke – 3rd Grade to 8th Grade