Merchant Parking

  Merchant Annual Permit Merchant Semi-Annual
Freightway Garage $1,000 $550
Merchant Lot (by Lottery) $750 $400
Meter Permit $85 N/A
Village Hall Lot $330 $170
Motorcycle Lot $200 N/A

Freightway Garage – 72 Freightway, Scarsdale, NY 10583

The Freightway Garage operates 24/7 and offers long-term, fixed price parking for Scarsdale Merchants and their employees (permit required). There is a pedestrian bridge located on the 3rd level providing easy access to Scarsdale Ave. Permit holders may park in the garage and in the Beatty lot 24/7, except from Nov. 1 - Mar. 31 on levels 5A, 5B & Beatty Lot. There are approximately 495 parking spaces at Freightway Garage. Parking at Freightway Garage is free on the weekends.

Merchant Lot Permit - Located on East Parkway Across from Christie Place

A fixed price permit option for Merchant's and their employees. There are approximately 19 spaces dedicated and identified in the south half of this lot to Merchants only. A permit is required to park here Monday - Saturday, 6am - 6pm. Due to high demand and high utilization, beginning June 1, 2018, permits for this lot will be selected by lottery and be limited to two per business.

Meter Permit - Scarsdale Avenue & Depot Place

Merchant's and their employees may purchase a meter permit that provides early, priority access to park Monday - Friday, 6am-11am in the Scarsdale Avenue Lot and in the designated areas of Depot Place. Permit holders must still pay applicable meter fees. These spaces open to the general public/non-permit holders after 11am Monday - Friday, and all day on Saturday. The Scarsdale Avenue Lot has approximately 77 parking spaces and payment is accepted via one of three Multi-Space-Meters (Cash, Credit/Debit and Coin accepted). Space on Depot place is limited to approximately 10 parking spaces and permit holders must pay by coin only. The meter fees must be paid 6am-6pm, Monday – Saturday. 

Permits for this lot re not prorated. Meter fees are $1/hr for the first 4 hours, $.75 for each hour thereafter (i.e. 12hrs=$10).

Village Hall Lot - 1001 Post Road, Scarsdale NY

For those that do not mind an approximate 15 minute walk and are cost conscious, permits may be purchased by merchants/their employees to park in the Village Hall lot. Village Hall Lot permit holders may not park overnight in this lot.

Motorcycle Lot – End of Depot Place

There are approximately 16 to 18 Motorcycle/Scooter permit spaces located at the north end of Depot Place. These permits are available to merchants and their employees, as well as commuters. 

Valet Lot – 20 Freightway, Scarsdale NY (PRIVATELY OPERATED)*

The Valet lot is located directly next to the Freightway Garage and is privately ran by ProPark, a premier Parking Management Company. The Valet operates from 5am-9pm, Monday – Friday and offer both a Monthly permit option and daily parking**. Village of Scarsdale merchants are provided preference for permits at this lot.

Maximum monthly permit prices are set until 10/31/18 and are as follows (tax not included):

11/1/15-10/31/16 - $135 regular size / $160 oversized vehicles
11/1/16-10/31/17 – $140 regular size / $165 oversized vehicles
11/1/17-12/31/18 - $145 regular size / $170 oversized vehicles.
1/1/19 - 12/31/19 - $150 regular size / $175 oversized vehicles
Transient (daily rates) are $15/day ($19 for oversized)

For more information please contact ProPark directly at (914)-472-0240.
* It is free to park in this lot on the weekend.
** Daily Parking Availability is Limited