Merchant Parking

  Merchant Annual Permit Merchant Semi-Annual
Freightway Garage (General Permit) $1,100 $605
Freightway Rooftop (Permitted Only on Rooftop, Level 5) $500 $300
Merchant Lot (by Lottery) $850 $460
Meter Permit $125 N/A
Village Hall Lot $330 $170
Motorcycle Lot $200 N/A

Freightway Garage – 72 Freightway, Scarsdale, NY 10583

The Freightway Garage operates 24/7 and offers long-term, fixed price parking for Scarsdale Merchants and their employees (permit required). There is a pedestrian bridge located on the 3rd level providing easy access to Scarsdale Ave. Permit holders may park in the garage and in the Beatty lot 24/7, except from Nov. 1 - Mar. 31 on levels 5A, 5B & Beatty Lot. There are approximately 495 parking spaces at Freightway Garage. Parking at Freightway Garage is free on the weekends.

Merchant Lot Permit - Located on East Parkway Across from Christie Place

A fixed price permit option for Merchant's and their employees. There are approximately 19 spaces dedicated and identified in the south half of this lot to Merchants only. A permit is required to park here Monday - Saturday, 6am - 6pm. Due to high demand and high utilization, beginning June 1, 2018, permits for this lot will be selected by lottery and be limited to two per business.

Meter Permit - Scarsdale Avenue, Depot Place & East Parkway

Merchant's and their employees may purchase a meter permit that provides early, priority access to park Monday - Friday, 6am-11am in the Scarsdale Avenue Lot and in the designated areas of Depot Place. Permit holders must still pay applicable meter fees. These spaces open to the general public/non-permit holders after 11am Monday - Friday, and all day on Saturday. The Scarsdale Avenue Lot has approximately 77 parking spaces and payment is accepted via one of three Multi-Space-Meters (Cash, Credit/Debit and Coin accepted). Space on Depot place is limited to approximately 10 parking spaces and permit holders must pay by coin only. The meter fees for depot place must be paid 6am-6pm, Monday – Saturday. 

The East Parkway long-term parking is similar to Scarsdale Avenue and is located between the Scarsdale Police Sub-station and the merchant lot. A "meter permit" is required which provides priority access to park Monday-Friday 8AM-11AM. ermit holders must still pay applicable meter fees. These spaces open to the general public/non-permit holders after 11am Monday - Friday, and all day on Saturday. There are approximately 34 spaces available. 

"Meter Permits" are not prorated. Meter fees are $1/hr for the first 4 hours, $.75 for each hour thereafter (i.e. 4hrs=$4, 8hrs=$7, 12hrs=$10).

Village Hall Lot - 1001 Post Road, Scarsdale NY

For those that do not mind an approximate 15 minute walk and are cost conscious, permits may be purchased by merchants/their employees to park in the Village Hall lot. Village Hall Lot permit holders may not park overnight in this lot.

Motorcycle Lot – End of Depot Place

There are approximately 16 to 18 Motorcycle/Scooter permit spaces located at the north end of Depot Place. These permits are available to merchants and their employees, as well as commuters. 

Valet Lot – 20 Freightway, Scarsdale NY (PRIVATELY OPERATED)*

The Valet lot is located directly next to the Freightway Garage and is privately ran by ProPark, a premier Parking Management Company. The Valet operates from 5am-9pm, Monday – Friday and offer both a Monthly permit option and daily parking**. Village of Scarsdale merchants are provided preference for permits at this lot.

Maximum monthly permit prices are set until 10/31/18 and are as follows (tax not included):

11/1/15-10/31/16 - $135 regular size / $160 oversized vehicles
11/1/16-10/31/17 – $140 regular size / $165 oversized vehicles
11/1/17-12/31/18 - $145 regular size / $170 oversized vehicles.
1/1/19 - 12/31/19 - $150 regular size / $175 oversized vehicles
Transient (daily rates) are $15/day ($19 for oversized)

For more information please contact ProPark directly at (914)-472-0240.
* It is free to park in this lot on the weekend.
** Daily Parking Availability is Limited