Human Resources

There are 250 full-time and over 500 part-time and temporary Village employees in all funds. The Human Resources Department is responsible for labor relations and contract negotiations involving seven (7) employee bargaining units as well as for non-union employees. This is accomplished through negotiation, contract interpretation, administration of grievances and discipline, coordination with the Westchester County Human Resources Department for all matters involving Civil Service administration, recruitment, management of a self-insured Employee Dental and Vision Program, Employees Assistance Program (EAP), Wellness Program and the coordination of retirement counseling.  The Department also manages all matters before the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and employment related court actions, which requires over 700 hours of staff time on an annual basis.  Additionally, all personnel and medically-related files for current and retired employees are maintained by the Department.

The Human Resources Director serves as the Village’s Risk Manager, which involves the procurement of insurances, both liability and workers’ compensation, and the administration of loss prevention, administration of employee safety programs, and investigation and settlement of claims for each.  Approximately forty (40) claims are filed against the Village annually in which the Human Resources Director must investigate and process for payment or submit to the Village’s insurance carrier for defense.  The Human Resources Director must also investigate and coordinate the approximately fifty (50) worker’s compensation injuries each year; oversee numerous risk management initiatives, including reviewing and updating Village policies; coordinate safety and awareness training; oversee accident and injury reviews.  The Human Resources Director also provides analysis in regard to wages/salaries and benefits which comprise approximately 70% of the General Fund budget.