New York State Sex Offender Registry

 The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is responsible for maintaining
New York's  Sex Offender Registry, which provides New Yorkers information about sex offenders
living in their communities. There are three levels of sex offenders – Level 1 (low risk of re-offense),
Level 2 (medium risk of re-offense)  and Level 3 (high risk of re-offense); risk level is set by
a judge after a court hearing.

By law, only Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders are listed on the public directory.
This directory now posts multiple photographs of registered sex offenders,
as they become available, to provide New Yorkers with additional
information to keep their families safe.

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Offender Information

Information about offenders of all risk levels, including those whose risk levels
are pending, is available by calling 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257.

Callers must have an individual's name and one of the following:
an exact address, date of birth, driver's license number,
or Social Security number – to learn if the individual is on the Registry. 

Level 1 offenders are required to register for a minimum of 20 years
and Level 2 and 3 offenders for life (
view details). 

Local law enforcement agencies – as defined under the New York State Sex
Offender Registration Act – in the communities where offenders live or go to school
can release information to 'entities with vulnerable populations,' which could include
a school, nursing home or day care center, for example. 

Those law enforcement agencies can release the same information
about offenders that is available via the toll-free number.