Fire Safety Information

Fire Safety Flyer of the Month

BBQ Fire Safety (PDF)
What you should know about barbecue maintenance and safety.
Scarsdale Fire Department

Fire Safety Pamphlets

Candle Fire Safety (PDF)
Provides safety tips for the use of candles and includes statistical information.

Exit Drills in the Home (PDF)
Exit drills in the Home step-by-step. Learn planning your escape, the family meeting, and the drill.

Fire Safety and Aging (PDF)
Fire safety tips for older adults and elderly caregivers.

Home Fire Extinguishers (PDF)
Using the correct extinguishers and knowing how to operate them in the event of an emergency.

Home Fire Safety Tips (PDF)
Tips for smoke detectors, escape plans, cooking safety, woodstoves and fireplaces, kerosene and space heaters, and electrical safety.

Smoke Detectors (PDF)
Installation guidelines and test, clean, and battery maintenance tips for working smoke detectors to save lives.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Amanda's Law (PDF)
A brief history of the law and a summary of its requirements.

Information Bulletin on Amanda's Law (PDF)
Information on the carbon monoxide alarm requirements in effect since February 22, 2010.

Carbon Monoxide Facts (PDF)
Essential pieces of information on the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Facts and answers to the common questions on carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)
A printable tri-fold brochure that details where carbon monoxide comes from, what it does, and the do's and don'ts to make one's home safer.

Kid's "Safety Safari" Brochure (PDF)
A printable tri-fold brochure with safety tips to protect your family from a home fire or carbon monoxide (CO) incident.

How old is your CO alarm?
CO alarms should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. If you don't know how old your alarms are, it's time to replace them!
These and additional publications are provided by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control.