Landscape Guidance

Landscaping is incredibly varied and complex, and so we've kept the guidance fairly general and minimal. The Sustainable Landscaping Guide is useful for property owners, volunteer Village of Scarsdale land use boards, and the landscaping contractor community. Scarsdale residents seeking a permit to construct or modify their home should be sure their design professionals have reviewed the document, as well, which is of value in preparing plans subject to mandatory review by one of our land use boards.

The following links are also of value to any resident or local business owner seeking to identify appropriate native plants for Scarsdale properties. Replacing non-natives and turf grass with native perennials yields many benefits, including reduced watering needs, enhanced year-round beauty, and lower overall maintenance costs.

This is a primary source native plant database that can be used for planning, establishing and enhancing planting areas:

If you simply want recommended plants that are commercially available in this area:

For water smart design tips, see the link below. When the next drought comes, it may be comforting to know you've done your part.