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Dear Scarsdale Residents,
Welcome to the Volunteer Homepage for the Village of Scarsdale. Scarsdale is fortunate to have a strong tradition of volunteerism and civic engagement.  For generations, we have benefited from an intelligent and talented population of residents willing to give their time to help shape the character and policies of our great community.  We hope that you will consider continuing this tradition through service on a volunteer board, commission, committee, or council. Please take some time to explore our Boards, Councils, and Committees to learn about various opportunities; the "Learn More" links open informational profiles for each volunteer body. 

Should you decide to complete an application, you will be asked to list three groups you are interested in joining.  When completing the application, please be as thorough as possible.  You also are welcome to include a CV or other background information, which may be emailed to the Village Clerk after you have submitted your online application.  When your information is received, you will receive an automatic confirmation.  If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to the Village Clerk at 914-722-1175 or Clerk@Scarsdale.com.

Please note that vacancies are not always predictable, and vary from year to year. The Village Board will try to match your experience and interest to the right position, but there is no way to know how long it may take for you to be appointed.  Most appointments are made annually in April. However, vacancies may occur over the course of the year and, should an appropriate opportunity arise, someone will reach out to you. 

Scarsdale Mayor and Village Board of Trustees

Guidelines Membership Guidelines for Appointed Boards, Councils, and Committees

1. Residency

The Village Code establishes that to be eligible to serve as a member of any board or commission in the Village of Scarsdale, an applicant must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States of America, at least 21 years of age, and a resident of Scarsdale Village.

2. Civic Interest and Involvement

A majority of the members of volunteer Boards, Councils, and Committees are appointed by reason of demonstrated interest in Village and local civic affairs, through volunteer involvement. Because the overriding purpose of appointed Boards, Councils, and Committees is to assure the continuation of high community standards, it is appropriate that members are residents who have demonstrated willingness and initiative to work in support of this objective.

3. Professional or Business Affiliation

Various professional skills and training are required by law or deemed desirable by the Village Board of Trustees for the successful fulfillment of some Board, Council, or Committee charters.

4. Specialized Knowledge

Certain volunteer bodies benefit from one or more members who offer specialized knowledge. For example, the Cable Television Commission gains by having people with knowledge of the communications industry; the Advisory Council on People With Disabilities is informed by the experience of residents with disabilities; the Advisory Council on Youth benefits from members who have worked with young people; the Advisory Council on Parks and Recreation is strengthened by parents who are active in the Recreation Department's Elementary School Sports Program.

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