Ad Hoc Committee on LED Streetlights

Scarsdale LED Streetlight Project

The Scarsdale Board of Trustees has established an Ad Hoc LED Committee to research Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights in order to improve lighting, reduce Village costs for electricity and maintenance, and conserve energy. To that end, the Committee was asked to develop a pilot program and make a recommendation on how best to move forward. 

The Committee has conducted extensive research on LED street lighting, met with vendors, and examined LED streetlights installed in neighboring communities, pursuant to the following charge:

  1. To conduct a Pilot program of LED streetlights on high traffic streets, and Town & Country post-top fixtures, consistent with the recommendations in the January 26, 2016 report, as well as certain public safety sensitive locations;
  2. Determine the appropriate LED fixtures, installation locations and methodology, while obtaining sufficient resident feedback;
  3. Provide a written report to the Mayor and Village Board on the work performed, the functioning of the LED lights, community feedback and a recommendation to move forward with the installation of LED streetlights on the selected high traffic streets and Town & Country post-top fixtures utilizing an anticipated $100,000 appropriation in the FY 16/17 Capital Budget.
Any feedback regarding the implementation of LED Streetlights is greatly appreciated. Feedback can be emailed to