Ad Hoc Committee on Food Scrap Recycling

Food Scrap Composting

There as been growing interest in food scrap recycling/composting as of late, as evidenced by the successful food scrap program implemented by the Scarsdale School District. As such, on November 9, 2016, the Village Board of Trustees authorized a Village food scrap composting program. The program will allow residents to drop-off their food scraps at the Village Recycling Center at 110 Secor Road. To assist with program development and implementation, the Village Board established an Ad Hoc Committee on Food Scrap Recycling with the following charge:

  1. Coordinate program implementation;
  2. Monitor program success and make recommendations for improvement; and
  3. Provide public program education and outreach to residents.
You can learn more about the program here

Actions, Reports & Resolutions of the Ad-Hoc Food Scrap Committee