Food Scrap Recycling / Food Scrap Composting

Curbside Food Scrap Pickup!

The Village of Scarsdale now offers curbside residential food scrap pickup as part of our continuing commitment to divert waste from incineration and increase recycling! Be sure to check-out our helpful How-To videos at the bottom of this page.

Collect Place Curbside Weekly Pickup

​​Getting Started: The Basics

1. Sign-up Required

Households must register  for pickup in order to be included in the Sanitation Department's food scrap route. Please sign-up by filling out the online form or emailing Participation is encouraged, but not required, and there is no fee for the new service. 

2. Bins and Compostable Bags

A Village-approved bin, as depicted below (center or right image), must be used for the curbside food scrap pickup service.

Food scrap collection starter kits and compostable bags can be ordered online (select the Composting - Sanitation tab). Purchases will be available for contactless pickup on the table outside the Recycling Office on the day following your order. The Recycling Center (110 Secor Road) is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Food scrap recycling supplies are also available for purchase at the Recycling Center Office, 110 Secor Road, Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Medium-sized kits are $20 and larger-sized kits are $25. Payment may be made by credit card or debit card.

Counter Top Pail Medium Bin and Large Wheeled bin

3. Pickup Info

Weekly food scrap pickup is on the same day as your first trash pickup, either Monday or Tuesday; please review the Sanitation Schedule if you're unsure of your pickup day, as well as to be aware of certain holiday week schedule changes.

Food Scrap Bins must be placed curbside by 7:00 AM on the scheduled pickup day.

Contact the Public Works Department for more information by phone at 914-722-1150, or by email using

Food Scrap Drop-Off Site Remains Open

The Recycling Center food scrap drop-off site will remain open for resident food scrap drop-offs Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM, and can be used whether one participates in the curbside pickup program or not.

How to Recycle Food Scraps

A brief Food Scrap Recycling Guide is available online, including Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish translations! In short, just COLLECT, TRANSFER, and PLACE CURBSIDE. Food Scrap Recycling is easy!

COLLECT your food scraps in a countertop pail; all food is accepted, but should not be mixed with non-food or non-compostables, as described in the Non-Accepted Items section below. Although not required, you may line your pail with a certified compostable bag – plastic bags are not permitted.

Collection starter kits including everything you need are available for $20.00 at the Scarsdale Recycling Center Office, 100 Secor Road. Additional rolls of compostable bags (25 count) are also available for purchase at the same location.

TRANSFER food scraps collected in your counter pail to the medium or large sized Village-approved curbside bin for weekly storage, generally about three to four times per week, depending on your level of usage. These larger bins can also be used to transport food scraps to the Recycling Center, if you prefer. It is recommended that food scrap storage bins be kept in the house or in the garage – not outside.

PLACE CURBSIDE no later than 7:00 AM on your designated collection day, or drop the off at the Recycling Center, 110 Secor Road, Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

* Please note that one must be registered to participate in the curbside pickup program. To register, please complete the online form or email

​Accepted Items

ALL food waste, including:
• Fruits and Vegetables (remove stickers, bands, ties)
• Meat and Poultry (bones ok)
• Fish and Shellfish (shells ok)
• Dairy Products
• Bread and Pasta
• Rice and Grains
• Egg Shells
• Chips and Snacks
• Nuts and Seeds
• Leftover, Spoiled and Expired Food (cooked ok)

Other Items (If in doubt, ask before contaminating your food scrap recyclables):
• Coffee Grounds (paper filters ok)
• Tea Bags (no staples)
• Paper Towels and Napkins
• Cut flowers (not landscaping waste)
• Compostable Bags

Items not Accepted

It is important not to include the following items, as they will contaminate your food scrap recyclables: 
• Plastic Bags
• Baby/Hand Wipes
• Diapers
• Glass, Metal or Plastic
• Pet Waste or Kitty Litter
• Styrofoam
• Yard Waste

How-To Latch Wheeled Bin w/ Compostable Liner Bag

How-To Load Compostable Bag Video

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