Assessment Information and Grievance Process

An assessment roll is the public record of the assessed value of property in a taxing jurisdiction. Such rolls are prepared by municipal assessors. An assessment roll, for example, includes each properties lot size, ownership information, assessed value and any applicable exemptions.  We have prepared a general overview of the grievance process and an Assessment Grievance Toolkit.

Tentative Assessment Rolls

The Tentative Assessment Roll is available to the public by June 01. Most changes to this roll after June are due to the initial assessment appeals, filed with the Board of Assessment Review (BAR). The BAR has until the roll is finalized on September 15 to make their final determinations. At that time (September 15) the roll becomes final.

Final Assessment Rolls

Please note, the final assessment rolls are a snapshot of data as of September 15 of a given year. They do not take into consideration any subsequent changes made as a result of small claims proceedings or correction or errors occurring after September 15. If you have any questions about a most recent assessment, please contact our office at 914-722-1133.

View the archive of assessment rolls

View the archive of assessment roll affidavits

Building Permits & Assessments

As set forth in the village code, all building improvements (exclusive of those de minimus in cost), renovations, additions, alterations, repairs and new construction require that a permit be issued by the Building Department prior to commencement of work.

All building permits issued by the Building Department are provided electronically to the Office of the Assessor for review, analysis and subsequent property inspection. The Assessor will notify each property owner in writing that work resulting from an issued building permit(s) requires an inspection for assessment purposes. It is important that property owners know and understand their responsibilities and obligations in this regard. Note that inspections by the Building Inspector are not related to and cannot be substituted for inspections required by the Assessor.