Scarsdale Police Department's Fallen Officers Tribute Page

Sgt. John J. Harrison reported for desk duty at police headquarters on July 19,1923 at midnight. Subsequent to the fatal incident, Sgt Harrison had received and logged several reports from local residents that their vehicles had been stolen throughout the village. At approximately 4:30 AM Sgt Harrison received the call that would end his life . Mr Carl Rossing of Dobbs Terrace called to report that his vehicle had just been stolen and it was traveling toward police headquarters on Fenimore Rd. Sgt Harrison awakened a fireman to look after the police desk while he investigated the crime. Sgt Harrison left the small one room police station and shortly thereafter the fireman heard gunshots. Sgt Harrison was found mortally wounded 175 feet south of the police station, and the stolen vehicle was found abandoned not far from the shooting. A nationwide search for the persons responsible for Sgt Harrisons murder uncovered nothing until 1927. A man by the name of Arthur Barry (who the media proclaimed the million dollar gem thief) was captured by police on Long Island after he was arrested and charged with committing a string of burglaries. Barry told authorities that he committed more than 100 burglaries in Westchester County NY. Throughout the course of the investigation, Barry named his former co worker, Boston Billy Williams, as the person responsible for Sgt Harrisons murder. Williams was subsequently captured by Connecticut authorities and denied the allegations, instead he stated that it was Barry who pulled the trigger. The two were implicated in the murder of Harrison but not convicted due to insufficient evidence. However both Williams and Barry were sentenced to long prison terms for the burglaries they had committed.

When he died at the age of 35 Sgt John J. Harrison had been a member of the department for about 10 years. He left behind a wife and three small children.
On Thursday October 4, 1956 at approximately 4:58 AM, Police Officer Charles Ackerly initiated a routine traffic stop with a gray Oldsmobile. The car had apparently passed a red traffic light at the corner of Heathcote road and Palmer avenue in the village of Scarsdale. After stopping the vehicle in front of 1425 Weaver street near the Scarsdale/New Rochelle Border. According to a witness Ptl Ackerly approached the vehicle and asked the driver to see his license. The driver answered his request with five gunshots, which mortally wounded him four hours later. The killer fled the scene in the Oldsmobile toward New Rochelle where it was abandoned. A subsequent search of the vehicle produced the gun that was used in the shooting of Ptl Ackerly. Physical evidence which included fingerprints and personal property found at the scene led police to the killer who was later identified as Nils Tvedt. Tvedt a known felon had an extensive police record which included robbery and burglary. On following evening of October 5,1956 police were notified that Tvedt was at the Larchmont Bowling Alley. Police responded to the scene and attempted to apprehend Tvedt who was hiding in the bathroom. When police approached Tvedt he attempted to flee but was shot and killed by a Larchmont police officer.

Ptl Ackerly was just 30 years old at the time of his death leaving behind his wife and two year old daughter. He was a member of the Scarsdale Police Department since 1948 and had served as president of the Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association.