Scarsdale Police Department Drug Disposal Program

RX box
The Scarsdale Police Department provides a Drug Disposal unit that allows the public to safely dispose of prescription and over the counter medications. The Drug Disposal Unit is located on the 2nd floor of the Police Headquarters lobby, and can be accessed by elevator.

By participating in this program, residents will be making sure their unwanted pills and medication don’t end up in a landfill or water supply. They will also be removing medication that could be abused, like pain-killers, from their homes.

Accepted Items Include:
Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medication. Medication samples, Vitamins, Veterinary Medications, Narcotics and Liquid Medications.

Items NOT Accepted Include:
Syringes, Thermometers, IV bags, Bloody or Infectious Waste, Personal Care Products, Hydrogen Peroxide, Empty Containers and Inhalers.