FOIL - Request Public Records

Persons interested in securing public records pursuant to the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) may take advantage of the Village of Scarsdale's citizen service request tracking system, Let Us Know, to submit a FOIL Request, which will require you to use your existing website login or you may create one to submit and track your FOIL request(s) seamlessly.

Using Let Us Know allows you, as a system user, to monitor the Village's progress in completing any service request or FOIL submitted, as well as to maintain a history of your FOIL requests for your own future reference.

Thus, users are strongly encouraged to submit your FOIL request through Let Us Know.

However, one may also submit a FOIL request without creating a user account by completing the online FOIL Form. Unlike using Let Us Know, choosing the FOIL Form option will not allow you to track the status of your FOIL request(s) or keep associated tracking history.