Volunteer: Advisory Council on Human Relations

Term: Two years; two-term maximum
Meeting frequency: Quarterly
Approximate meeting length: Two hours, topic-dependent
Establishment and charge: Constitution of the Advisory Council on Human Relations

What does the Advisory Council on Human Relations do?

The Advisory Council on Human Relations advises and assists the Board of Trustees in fostering mutual respect and understanding among all individuals in the community.

What is expected of Council members?

To work collaboratively, tactfully, and with confidentiality in navigating sensitive and potentially complex community matters of public interest and concern.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences have been helpful to Council members?

Members with psychology, social sciences, and/or conflict resolution education, training, or experience are particularly helpful; however, any resident with an interest in maintaining Scarsdale as a preferred community for persons of varying cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds to live and work in is welcome and encouraged to volunteer.