Volunteer: Cable Commission

Term: Five years; additional terms at Village Board discretion.
Meeting frequency: One per month.
Approximate meeting length: One hour to 90 minutes.
Establishment and charge: Village Code Chapter 275

What does the Cable Commission do?

The Cable Television Commission advises and assists village staff in negotiations with Scarsdale’s TV providers (Verizon and Altice), to obtain favorable franchise agreement terms. It evaluates future cable television needs for the next franchise period (typically 10 years), and seeks agreement renewals that address those needs, including maintenance of state-of-the-art cable services throughout Scarsdale.  

Its members regularly work with village staff to review and share information, monitor the performance of cable TV providers and compliance with franchise agreements, and assist Scarsdale subscribers with relevant matters.

What is expected of Commission members?

One of the most important responsibilities of the commission is to obtain the best possible cable TV franchise agreements for Scarsdale. Maintenance and support of the Public, Educational, and Government channels, collectively referred to as “PEG channels,” is also a critical task, as these cable television channels have tremendous potential for enhancing communication and engagement among residents, particularly those that prefer television over print or electronic media.

Members are expected to keep abreast of relevant industry issues and to be aware of cable television services being provided in neighboring communities. Meeting preparation may include site visits to view other broadcast facilities and/or visit with peer commission members in other communities, attending events hosted by industry organizations, and reviewing other municipal cable franchise agreements.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences have been helpful to Commission members?

No specific experience is required to serve on the commission. Current and past members have had diverse professional backgrounds, including prior governmental volunteer service, telecommunications and broadcast professionals, advertising and marketing executives, and lawyers.