Volunteer: Advisory Council on Communications

Term: Two years; additional terms at Village Board discretion
Frequency of meetings: Once per month
Approximate length of meetings: Two hours
Establishment and Charge: Resolution and Constitution

What does the Advisory Council on Communications do?

The Advisory Council on Communications (ACC) works with Village staff to develop communications programs and strategies, and advises the Board of Trustees on related matters. Through promoting professional, effective, and efficient communication with residents, the ACC helps individuals and families to be active community members, including stimulating their engagement in local government affairs. In addition, the Council assists in identifying specific issues and/or community concerns that may merit an official communication strategy.

What is expected of members?

ACC members are expected to attend monthly meetings and support the Council’s annual work plan, which may involve work outside of meetings, such as research, assisting with content creation, and others. Council members should be prepared to actively monitor the communications landscape to identify best practices and emerging trends or technologies that may support enhanced information flow between the Village and Scarsdale and its audiences. Additionally, Council members leverage their community presence to help identify community informational needs that are not being adequately addressed and recommending potential strategies for closing observed information gaps.  

The ACC’s specific responsibilities include 1) Preparing an annual work plan for Village Board review and approval; 2) Advising the village board and staff on recommended best practices in public communications; 3) Assisting with communications content creation and/or review; 4) Completing relevant industry research and testing to support its work plan and village messaging goals; and 5) Performing any related studies as needed or requested by the Village Board and/or staff.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences are helpful to Council members?

Members from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Persons engaged in local civic or volunteer efforts are often able to make significant contributions to the Council’s work, as are individuals with professional marketing or public/private sector communications experience. Because the Council’s work includes such responsibilities as video content creation and reviewing website design and interactivity, individuals with experience or interest in those areas may find participation on the Council rewarding, as well.