Be Prepared for Emergencies

Although the Village of Scarsdale police, fire, public works, and other personnel are highly trained emergency response professionals, you are the first line of defense in the event of an actual emergency.

Be prepared: Plan. Practice. Activate.

During broad-scale emergencies, such as a hurricane or other significant weather event, local emergency resources are often overwhelmed, despite the existence of mutual-aid agreements with other communities and levels of government, including Westchester County, for example. Therefore, individuals and families need to know where to access official emergency news and information, as well as be prepared to help one another until emergency personnel are able to respond.

You are the help until help arrives.

The first step in individual and family emergency planning is to put together a plan by discussing these four questions with your family, friends, or household to start your emergency plan:

  1. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  2. What is my shelter plan?
  3. What is my evacuation route?
  4. What is my family/household communication plan?

Because knowing where to get local emergency information is such a critical aspect of personal and family emergency preparedness, the following sections include links to emergency notification systems that you may wish to subscribe to and/or customize your contact preferences for so that you don't miss important emergency warnings, alerts, and information.

Village of Scarsdale Official News and Information Resources

Blackboard Connect
Blackboard Connect is an emergency mass notification system used by the Village of Scarsdale to generate robocalls, text messages, and emails to residents. Although the system automatically retrieves phone numbers from the 911 system, these are typically landlines; neither mobile devices or email addresses are automatically included. Residents are encouraged to customize their Blackboard Connect contact information to include all appropriate contact phone numbers, as well as to include preferred methods of contact, e.g., text messaging, email, etc.

Notify Me
To receive official community news and information through Notify Me, one must opt-in by subscribing. Press releases are distributed through this system, as is a semi-monthly community electronic newsletter. Press releases may contain emergency and other important information that would not be distributed through Blackboard Connect, which is reserved for emerging and active incidents. More general community news and information is also distributed through Notify Me. When subscribing, we suggest signing up for Press Releases and Scarsdale Official, which are the two lists most likely to contain information of broad community interest or need; both lists are highlighted with a gold starto help you locate the list and subscribe.

Note: Please also take time to complete and submit an Emergency Response Information Survey, which helps to make sure that public safety personnel can best serve your needs during an emergency event.

Westchester County Alert Syetem

The Westchester County Alert System is available on a subscription basis online.

New York State

NY-Alert is the statewide emergency notification system. 

All New Yorkers can subscribe for NY-Alert to receive critical information and emergency alerts on what is happening in their area. NY-Alert contains critical, emergency-related information including instructions and recommendations in real-time by emergency personnel. Information may include severe weather warnings, significant highway closures, hazardous material spills and other emergency conditions.

All areas of New York State are included in the system, and you can decide which area you would like to receive alerts about.

Signing up is free, and messages can be received by phone, email, text and fax.

New York City

Because of our proximity to NYC and the number of Scarsdale residents with strong work and/or family connections to the City, one may also wish to subscribe to Notify NYC. Similar to the NYS system, NY-Alert, Notify NYC endeavors to provide customized content, delivering the information you want to receive, the way you want to receive it. Registration offers nine notification types.