Assessment Calendar

July 1st (previous year)

Valuation Date

All properties are valued according to the real estate market as of this date.

May 1st

Taxable Status Date

Property is valued according to its ownership, condition and use as of specific point in time which for Scarsdale is always May 1st. All exemption applications must be filed with Assessor’s office by this date as well.

June 1st

Tentative Roll Filed

A tentative listing of all assessments is completed, filed and available from the Assessor. This is the beginning the formal grievance period (June 1 to 3rd Tuesday in June).

3rd Tuesday in June - Grievance Day

All grievance applications (RP-524) Grievance Form must be filed by this date. It is also the date when the Board of Assessment Review meets to hear complaints on tentative assessments. 

September 15th

Final Roll Filed

A final listing of all assessments is completed and filed by the assessor. All grievance results are mailed out. Applicants will have 30 days to challenge the grievance decision and file for Small Claims SCAR Petition with the County of Westchester Supreme Court. 

October 15th

Small Claim Filing Deadline

This is the last day to file a small claims application with the County of Westchester NY Courts/SCAR.