Ad Hoc Council to Combat Racism and Bias


Mayor Samwick and the Board of Trustees seek to combat racism and bias and their deleterious effects on society, as evidenced by the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others, as well as local experiences, including such examples as overtly anti-Chinese statements made by a speaker invited to present to the community on the topic of COVID-19 in March 2020, hate symbols that were found on School District property, the incidence of microaggressions experienced by Scarsdale residents, and other unacceptable interactions that persons of color and varied racial and ethic backgrounds endure. Whether overt or subtle, intentional or accidental, we must all strive as responsible members of the Scarsdale community to endeavor to be aware of cultural differences, value and encourage diversity, and vehemently reject all forms of racism, bias, and discrimination.


In summary, the Ad Hoc Council to Combat Racism and Bias is charged with:

1. Providing a safe place to convene community conversations about racism and bias;

2. Researching and reporting on the incidence of racism, bias, and discrimination in Scarsdale, including providing recommendations for promoting and maintaining a community culture of acceptance and inclusion, free from racism, bias, and discrimination;

3. Educating the community about racism and bias; and

4. Exploring and assisting with the coordination of multi-cultural events to learn about and celebrate both the differences and commonalities observed in the racial and ethnic tapestry comprising the fabric of our community.

Authorizing Resolution

The Village Board’s authorizing resolution can be viewed in full here.

Community Experience Questionnaire

The Ad Hoc Council to Combat Racism and Bias is interested in learning about the incidence of discrimination and bias within the Scarsdale community. To that end, the Council has been conducting listening sessions with various segments of our community and is now expanding outreach more broadly to solicit insights and experiences from our residents and others indicating whether they have experienced racism, bias, or discrimination in Scarsdale, and if so, to share such experiences with us.

By way of this questionnaire, we are casting a wide net in this regard and encourage feedback not only from Scarsdale residents, but also from any person with a viewpoint or Scarsdale experience to share. Feedback received will help to inform future public meetings on this topic and help to shape the report we will prepare and present to the Village Board.

Please take time to complete our Community Experience Questionnaire today.