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Interview with Mayor Jane Veron

In this short video, Scarsdale Mayor Jane Veron explains the crucial decisions we all face, as a community, regarding the Scarsdale Pool. What are our options? Hear her detail the situation, and explain the baseline requirements to bring the pool complex up to code. She also asks that you please fill out the survey, so that we can all synchronize our efforts and pull together.

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Project Summary

The Pool Complex Study is laying the planning groundwork for a construction project at the Scarsdale Pool Complex that is right-sized for our local needs and level of community support. Due to the recent trends in membership and expenses, the pool complex is now operating in a deficit position and the cost to repair the complex to bring it into compliance with current codes is significant, estimated to be in excess of $13M. Careful study, community engagement, and visioning are necessary to determine the future of the pool complex. The project goals and objectives highlighted below provide further insight into what we intend to achieve with the study.

On June 30, 2021, the Village distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Market Study and Existing Conditions Assessment of the complex, with several proposals having been received. After thorough review of the consultant responses by the Pool Complex Special Assignment Working Group, comprised of Trustees and key Village staff, Lothrop Associates LLP Architects' proposal was selected and a contract was approved at the Village Board meeting held on September 28, 2021.

Project Goals

1. The Municipal Pool Complex is viewed by residents as a premier community recreation asset helping to further strengthen Scarsdale’s preeminence in Westchester County as a superb place to live and raise children.

2. The Pool Enterprise Fund is fiscally sound, capable of supporting operating and projected capital expenses.

3. Pool membership trend is reversed, ultimately attaining historic membership levels.

 Key Project Objectives

1. Develop a planning level estimate for baseline reconstruction of our Municipal Pool Complex in effectively its existing layout and design, taking into account any costs associated with updated regulatory compliance, e.g., ADA and Westchester County Department of Health. The purpose of this estimate is to understand existing needs and their magnitude of cost to remedy, as well as to support discussion of the incremental costs associated with each reconstruction scenario developed in the Market Study. The Existing Conditions Report has since been completed and the next section on this page provides a summary overview of the findings, as well as a link to the final report. Importantly, the level of investment necessary to bring the pool complex back into a good state of repair (and compliant with all current code requirements) is significant -- over $13M. As such, now is the time to consider whether any incremental investment is prudent to help secure the fiscal sustainability of the pool complex through increased memberships and other potential revenues, thereby enabling it to continue to be managed as a financially self-supporting enterprise fund.

2. Complete a Market Study, to examine the competitive landscape and identify associated strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the Scarsdale Pool Complex.  The Market Study has two primary segments, or phases. The first involves data collection and analysis of the competitive landscape, both locally and sub-regionally. The second involves substantial public outreach and engagement to collect Scarsdale resident viewpoints and perspectives, including willingness to pay for various amenities or services they view as desirable. Ultimately, the public engagement effort will culminate in creating of three financially feasible reconstruction scenarios. Consultant tasks to be completed in the public engagement phase include a statistically valid random survey distributed by mail, a public web-based survey, and public meetings. The timeline for important engagement touchstones will be published once available, with each opportunity well-advertised ahead of time to help promote robust community participation, which is important to the study's success.

Existing Conditions Survey and Report

The final Existing Conditions Report, prepared by Lothrop Associates LLP Architects, is now available online.


The purpose of the survey was to assess existing conditions, identify deficiencies, and develop a scope of work consistent with an ‘as-is’ reconstruction of the pool complex, including upgrades necessary to bring the complex into compliance with today’s codes and standards of maintenance. A budgetary-level estimate of the associated construction costs for this ‘baseline scenario’ was also developed.

At over 50 years old, the pools at the Complex have reached their expected service life. There are structural failures with the concrete pools, failures of the underground piping between them, and the hydraulic filtration system is obsolete. Furthermore, building and sanitary codes have developed and expanded significantly during the lifetime of the pool complex. While upgrades to meet current codes do not always apply to existing facilities retroactively, pool water hygiene standards will be required to comply with current health code requirements. Additionally, compliance with current codes and standards can yield significant hygienic, life safety, and operational cost benefits.

The Existing Conditions Report illuminates substantial Scarsdale Pool Complex infrastructure needs and provides estimate of the probable cost to properly address them. Given the probable cost of bringing the complex into a state of good repair, now is the time to consider all available community-supported options to increase pool membership and ensure the future fiscal sustainability of the pool enterprise fund.

Key Findings

  • The four pool vessels and surrounding deck areas are showing significant signs of age and require a relatively intense and ongoing program of repairs. Further, due to the time of original construction, the pools are showing signs of obsolescence, as they were found to be deficient in a number of the health, safety and accessibility criteria required by modern codes and best practice. While the Pool Complex infrastructure may appear to the casual observer to be in a good state of repair, the report reveals substantial and urgent needs that can no longer be deferred.

  • The probable estimate of cost for necessary reconstruction is $13,216,992. Detailed condition analysis for each pool is available in the final report.

Market Assessment Report

The final Market Assessment Report, prepared by Ballard King & Associates, is now available online.


The purpose of the market assessment is to understanding the competitive landscape and financial parameters of a successful plan, as well as in shaping information to be provided to the Scarsdale community through the public engagement process. The report looks at competition and factors within the Village of Scarsdale (primary service area) and within Southern Westchester (secondary service area). The consultants and Ballard King assessed demographic information from the 2020 Census combined with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) who utilizes 2010 Census data and their demographers for 2021-2026 projections.

Key Findings

  • The age distribution of Scarsdale residents indicates that an outdoor pool would be popular
  • Despite its moderate population size, Scarsdale’s elevated median household income makes it possible to achieve higher cost recovery with an outdoor pool
  • There are approximately 3,000 "swimmers" in the Village of Scarsdale
  • Of pool complex participants: 4% are looking for organized activity, 20% are looking for organized & recreational activity, and 76% are looking for recreational activity only
  • Of pool complex participants: 8.5% are frequent users (110+ visits/year), 41.7% are occasional users (25-109 visits/year), and 49.8% are infrequent users (6-24 visits/year)

Future Steps

  • Web-based survey open to the public.

  • Direct resident engagement opportunities.

  • Village Board public work sessions.

  • Alternatives development and presentation of final report.
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