Sanitary Sewers

The Village of Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York owns, operates and maintains sanitary sewer systems in the three sewer districts: Mamaroneck Valley, Bronx River and Hutchinson River Valley. Each of the respective sewer districts are quantified as the following: 165,135 linear feet with 550 manholes, 273,291 linear feet with 911 manholes and 1,239 linear feet with 41 manholes. All of the sewer flows are tributary to trunk sewer mains and sanitary sewer treatment plants owned and operated by Westchester County Environmental Facilities (WCDEF).  The Village funds the majority of sanitary sewer maintenance and repair work through the Sewer Rent Fee.  This revenue source establishes a steady stream of dedicated funding to perform the necessary maintenance, repairs and improvements to mitigate the infiltration and inflows from other sources, including, but not limited to, stormwater and other illicit connections to the sanitary sewer system.  The most common current types of maintenance and repair work that is performed regularly include televised pipe cleaning and inspection, cured in place pipe lining, excavation and pipe replacement, and manhole inspection and repair.  Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES) have been historically and continue to be the tool employed by Village staff when evaluating the sewer system.

All sanitary sewer laterals that are connected to the municipal system are owned and operated by the property owners that they serve.  Municipal Code Chapter 244 is the local regulation that was enacted for the sanitary sewers.  Recent amendments to the code were the adoption of the Village of Scarsdale Sewer Lateral Program, information of which is available at the following link.


Village of Scarsdale Sewer Lateral Inspection Program

Previous Studies

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