What is the Village policy with regard to shade tree maintenance?
Shade trees are located throughout the Village usually in the strip of land in the Village right-of-way between the edge of the pavement and the private property line. It has been the Village's practice to perform maintenance on these trees as required based on observations by the Public Works staff or based on requests by the public to either inspect or remove a tree. In the Spring of each year the Highway Division prepares a list of trees needing work and these trees are serviced throughout the summer with the goal of having all work performed prior to the beginning of the fall leaf season (usually about October 15th).

If you believe that a tree is in need of maintenance, please call the Highway Department at 722-1285. Upon notification of a need for maintenance the Village will inspect the tree and decide what action is appropriate.

If the tree is entangled in the electric wires overhead, we will notify Consolidated Edison to remove the canopy of the tree. After Con Ed has "topped" the tree the remainder to the tree trunk will be removed by Village forces. In those cases where the tree is not entangled in the overhead electric wires, the Village will schedule removal of the tree based on our estimate of the danger to the public. Once the tree trunks are removed the remaining stumps are left to naturally disintegrate except in those cases where a specific request is made to have the stump removed. In this case the Village will remove the stump during winter months as time permits.

New trees to replace the removed trees will be replaced only upon request of the adjoining property owner. The Village plants new trees annually in the spring.

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1. What is the Village policy with regard to shade tree maintenance?
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