I live in Scarsdale. How do I get a handicapped parking permit?
If you qualify as "a severely disabled" person, an application for the permit is available at the Clerk's Office. You will also need a certification letter from a physician on the physician's official stationery. The letter must be dated, state that the patient is permanently (or temporarily) disabled, and describe the disability.

According to the Vehicle and Traffic Law, a "severely disabled person" is one having one or more of the following permanent impairments:
1. Limited or no use of one or both legs
2. A neuro-muscular dysfunction which severely limits mobility
3. Another type of physical or mental disability which prevents the person from getting around without great difficulty and makes use of public transportation difficult
4. Blindness

A temporary (maximum of 6 months) permit can be issued for a severely disabling condition that is expected to improve, such as a broken leg.

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