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Boards & Commissions

  1. Boards, Councils, and Committees Application
  2. Food Scrap Recycling Consultation Form

    If you're interested in having an at-home consultation by a member of the Food Scrap Recycling Ad-Hoc Committee, please fill out this... More…

  1. Email the Council

    Email the Conservation Advisory Council

Records & Village Clerk

  1. Application for a Canvassing Permit

    This permit is for canvassing the Village of Scarsdale. Canvassing includes but is not limited to: signatures for a cause, soliciting... More…

  1. Application for Public Access to Records

Village Manager

  1. Application for a Special Event Permit

    This special event permit is for events that include, but are not limited to, Filming, Sidewalk Sales, Parades, Bake Sales,... More…

  2. Block Party Application
  3. Village of Scarsdale Website Feedback

    Please share your thoughts and comments about our new website!

  1. Banner Request Form

    Use this form to request the placement of a banner at the following Village of Scarsdale Sponsored Locations: Post/Crane Road... More…

  2. Curbside Food Scrap Recycling Pickup Registration Form

    In order to participate in the curbside food scrap recycling program, you must register for through this form.