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  2. The Scarsdale Police Department offers a program for seniors or disabled residents who live alone. This program is called “Are You O.K.,” or RUOK. The program provides those who live alone and their families a feeling of security.

    Enrollees have the option of registering for daily calls on:

    1. Monday-Friday

    2. Saturday & Sunday, or

    3. All seven days per week
  4. This is what will happen if you sign up for RUOK:
    • 1. The enrollee will receive an automated call at a time and frequency of your choosing.

      2. If you are okay, answer the call, say "Hello," and listen to the automated message instructions:
      • • Press 1 for OK and then hang up. The computer will register that you have answered; or,
    • 3. If you do not answer the phone, the computer will call two more times, in 15-minute increments.

      4. After the third attempt, the Police Desk Officer will attempt to call the enrollee and make contact. If there is still no response, the Police will dispatch to the enrollee's home address and knock on the door.

      5. If the door is not answered, the Officer on-scene will make a decision as to what means are necessary to make contact with the enrollee. The Officer will investigate the property and home to see if there is anyone home, or if there is any sign of distress, constituting an emergency circumstance.

      6. If there is no response and no sign of distress, Police will call keyholders and emergency contacts to gain access to the house. Failure to gain keyed entry or contract with enrollee constitutes an emergency circumstance.
  5. 7. Under any emergency circumstance, Police will use force to gain entry into the house. The Police Department is committed to minimizing property damage, but will do what is necessary to gain access in an emergency circumstance.
  6. FORM
  7. I agree to participate in the Scarsdale Police Department's ARE YOU O.K.? (R.U.O.K.) program.

    I hereby give my permission to emergency and law enforcement representatives to respond appropriately to any perceived emergency situation involving my health and/or safety, and hold harmless the Village of Scarsdale, Scarsdale Police Department, and any officers or employees thereof in connection with my participation in the Are You O.K? (R.U.O.K.) Program and the services provided, as described in the "How it Works" section above.
  8. An alternate keyholder with a backup key is identified on this enrollment form and I give my permission for them to release the keys to emergency and law enforcement personnel.
  9. It is my understanding that the information contained on this form will be released to law enforcement and emergency personnel as necessary for me to participate in the Are You O.K. (R.U.O.K.) Program.
  10. I understand and agree that if Police personnel are not otherwise able to gain access to my home under an emergency circumstance, as described herein, I am authorizing the Scarsdale Police to make entry into my home by any means necessary, and also agree to hold harmless the Village of Scarsdale, Scarsdale Police Department, and any officers or employees thereof in connection with such entry.
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