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Application for a Canvassing Permit

  1. Canvassing Guidelines/Information
    This canvassing permit serves as a notification to the Village of Scarsdale of a group's intent to canvass. While certain groups are permitted to canvass based on constitutional rights, the Village respectfully requests that those groups submit a permit request so that we are made aware as to whom is walking door-to-door throughout the Village. This helps in the event a complaint or call of suspicious behavior is called in to Scarsdale Police.
  2. Please include a "Day of" Name & Contact Number if different from submitter
  3. Please upload a list of the individuals and associated vehicle(s) information (if applicable) with the Canvassing for Scarsdale Police records. If no such list is ready at the time of application, or such a list is constantly "evolving", the list(s) should be emailed to and faxed to Scarsdale Police at (914)-722-1214 prior to canvassing.
  4. Please feel free to upload any additional supporting documentation
  5. cc: Police, Fire, Building, Public Works, Village Clerk, Village Manager's Office
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