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Block Party Application

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Block Party Details
  3. Neighborhood Association Notified?*
  4. (For Example, "Nelson Road, between Boulevard & Sprague")
  5. (Include Name & Phone Number of responsible party if different from Applicant)
  6. Special Considerations
    (If "yes," see additional submittal requirements in Block Party Rules)
  7. Food Truck(s) on Public Property?*
  8. Amplified Music?*
  9. Event Tent over 200 Sq. ft. being Erected?*
  10. Mandatory Forms: Indemnification, Rules & Petitions
  11. Please submit with this application a signed indemnification agreement.
  12. Block Party Rules Agreement*
  13. Please upload your completed petition with the application.
  14. Please feel free to upload any additional supporting documentation.
  15. For Internal Use Only
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