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Block Party Application

  1. Applications must submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event in order to be processed.

  2. Applicant Information
  3. Block Party Details
  4. Neighborhood Association Notified?*
  5. (For Example, "Nelson Road, between Boulevard & Sprague")
  6. (Include Name & Phone Number of responsible party if different from Applicant)
  7. Special Considerations
    (If "yes," see additional submittal requirements in Block Party Rules)
  8. Food Truck(s) on Public Property?*
  9. Event Tent over 200 Sq. ft. being Erected?*
  10. Amplified Music?*
  11. Mandatory Forms: Indemnification, Rules & Petitions
  12. Please submit with this application a signed indemnification agreement.
  13. Block Party Rules Agreement*
  14. Please upload your completed petition with the application.
  15. Please feel free to upload any additional supporting documentation.
  16. For Internal Use Only
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